The Sellsword – GoT filk (audio cue: 50’s style Sinatra tune)

A little rough around the edges… oh yes, that’s him

Filthy from sleeping in ditches and hedges…. oh yes, that’s him

But you’re going to want him when your outlook’s getting grim

He may be a common sellsword

But he’s all you can af-ford

And you want a surly horde … that’s just like him.




This is a VERY inspiring video.

Yesterday Paul and I helped move concrete.  My reward was yummy veggies and a de-alcoholized Becks.  We got to see Brian and Chari (Brian sucking back coffee and watching us work because he just had a hernia operation and Trent thought he was saying it for laffs but I saw scars.) Big tummy time with Shannon, who’s expecting another boy, which makes me happy, because Jerome and Shannon are an awesome couple and they will grow fine men.  Learned that Braden likes the Marine Band harmonica I got him, and got back Jeff’s containers (only took me a year).

Keith and Katie were here last night.  I am quietly happy, but JICOAB, my whole body hurts today.

Now to church and to get a veggie platter along the way.

Busy weekend

Helping Jerome with concrete this afternoon – hope to run into some friends as well.

Sucked it up and bought car insurance.  I am putting together a list of work on the car to justify my asking price. Paul also helped by sending me a nice pic of Ziva.

Put together a care package for Katie for her move (envelopes, stamps, etc.)  She’s been going nuts buying stuff. Dropped her off at work.  Happy sigh.

Tomorrow church AGM and for supper off to the John B to suck back some Shirley Temples (yes, I’m still not drinking) and pub grub and watch ….. the BLUUUUUUUUUUE MEEEEEEEEEEENIES.  Because I loves them, and Mike and Rozo may come, and Jeff said he’d go too.

I cleaned about half of the kitchen and once I make that list and update the craigslist ad, I’m going to go back to doing that.

I used to be a catastrophist, but I’m all right now

I hear through the grapevine that Keith found a job.  I am so glad to see my kids get their feet under them.

I think Jeff is going to win our contest.

I will be hanging with friends and doing churchy things this weekend, so I am looking forward to a restful time.

Jeff and Katie and I attempted to watch Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and I just got up and left after half an hour.  The kid was amazing but the rest of the movie sucked.  Apparently a lot of people hated the kid, but I sure didn’t.

I hung the Labyrinth quilt at my desk today, as the Tree of Life had to go back to Katie.

Hugs for the hordes of people who appear to be having mental health problems these days.  I am actually struggling towards a composure which has a modicum of happiness in it, which is a blessed and marked improvement over last year.  Vitamin D for the win, folks.  Most of us aren’t getting nearly enough, and you can’t be sane without it.

What a day

Trip was fine, weather was so wonderful when I got home. I realized I had just enough energy to do a small shop and get the stone chip that Ziva collected the last time I went to Victoria fixed, and the guys at Crystal Glass on 6th repaired it for nothing because they liked my car.  I will take them all my glass work in future!

Sue called me to remind me about the minister meeting last night but I’d already told David that it was a travelling day and I was unlikely to attend.  I was in bed asleep by 8 so it’s just as well.  Formal announcement is coming soon.

In the middle of all this I got the reference check call for Katie WHO WILL HAVE HER OWN APARTMENT on May 1.  Huge step forward for her and I hope she enjoys having her own space.

And now, Chipper I’m thinking of you when I post this link.  Farming doesn’t have to be an ecological disaster.

Sitting at YVR

I’m about to board my flight home, and I am very happy to have been to FKO and even happier to be going to sleep in my own bed. It was awesome to see DJD and Chipper and Catherine and Shirley and Judith and Tammy and I am just vibrating from the glorious circle last night.

From pooped to peppy and back again

I just ran out of gas at around 12:30 last night, which was unfun, but today I got to hang around in the consuite and saw DJD for four whole hours, which was really really awesome.  He’s about the same as always, and Sandra hung around as long as she could before she went off to see her mom.


I printed out the boarding pass and got the schedule for the shuttle.  I’ll be checking out about 8 tomorrow with any luck.

I bought another musical instrument.  Yes, I am very, very insane.  It will be coming to me at a later date as without a hard case there was no effin way I was bringing it home on scare canada.

Now for the Dead Penguin – the last filk of the con!


First person we ran into was Catherine, and then Shirley, and then Phil, and then, and then, and it’s been so lovely.  Chipper is saying “So many redheads…. ” which is making me laugh, because, yes, fandom DOES have a disproportionate number of redheads, both DNA and bottle varieties.

Breakfast was oatmeal in a crockpot (courtesy of Catherine, who’s volunteering for the con) and delicious coffee in the consuite.  We talked about house construction (good and bad), earthquakes, how screwed up the building code is in Chicago, what NOT to do in disaster situations (and there was much amusement) and in general everything has been either amusing or très mellow. Fans are just the most awesome people.  I’m not saying Chipper is being blown away at how welcoming they are, but I suspect she’s pleasantly surprised.

Today Tamalicious is coming to the hotel (right after Kathy Mar‘s concert) and we’ll catch up and tomorrow I get to see DJD for the first time since, uh, that would be the last time I went to Toronto.  If that’s five years ago, and apparently so, then shame on me.

I want to give the entire universe a hug, but I think it would take too long.


travelling woman

1.  Excellent and wondahful visit with the parental units.  I got a photo scan of the old homestead in SK, had my traditional coffee and cinnamon bun (best commercial cinnamon buns ever) at Dan’s after a lovely ride in the country, communed with some skunk cabbage, watched the hummingbirds, who are quite active these days (three sucking back syrup with another circling, occasional flashes of the O My God red as the sun hits them), watched a quail peck a pileated woodpecker while the woodpecker ignored him, cooked a couple of lovely meals for the folks, which my mother quite appreciated, watched some nature programs, and felt pride as Katie passed the 48 hour mark of quitting smoking.  Fingers crossed she makes it this time!

2.  RUDE FUCKING START TO THE DAY.  I had to yell at the cab driver.  I will post a copy of the letter


Dear Sir,

I am a long time and mostly satisfied customer of Bonny’s Taxi, whose
services I have been using since 1998.

I am complaining in the strongest possible terms about the complete
disregard for the safety, comfort and wallet of the customer
demonstrated by the above-named driver.

This morning I got a cab to the airport from Bonny’s.  I SPECIFICALLY

The reason I did this is because my daughter just got a 147 $ ticket
because the cab driver she selected took off before she was belted in.

The driver verbally agreed to stop and then immediately sped off again
prior to me even being able to get the belt anywhere close to secured.
I had to yell at him to get him to stop the cab, which I am not proud
of, but he disregarded my clearly stated and lawful instructions.

As you are no doubt aware, the fine for not being belted in is borne
by the customer, not the cab driver.  I understand that time is money
but when your driver’s anxiousness to make some money potentially
costs the customer money and the aggravation of a court date, there is
something seriously wrong with the safety training and customer
service ethic of your drivers.

I would like a refund of my $44.30 cab fare and a reprimand on B.
D—–‘s file.  To be clear, apart from running a couple of yellow
lights and failure to make legal stops under the HTA, the fines for
which would have been borne by the driver, there was nothing else
wrong with his driving.

I look forward to your prompt response, which will factor into my
decision whether or not I complain to the licensing agency.

Thank you for your time.