I used to be a catastrophist, but I’m all right now

I hear through the grapevine that Keith found a job.  I am so glad to see my kids get their feet under them.

I think Jeff is going to win our contest.

I will be hanging with friends and doing churchy things this weekend, so I am looking forward to a restful time.

Jeff and Katie and I attempted to watch Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and I just got up and left after half an hour.  The kid was amazing but the rest of the movie sucked.  Apparently a lot of people hated the kid, but I sure didn’t.

I hung the Labyrinth quilt at my desk today, as the Tree of Life had to go back to Katie.

Hugs for the hordes of people who appear to be having mental health problems these days.  I am actually struggling towards a composure which has a modicum of happiness in it, which is a blessed and marked improvement over last year.  Vitamin D for the win, folks.  Most of us aren’t getting nearly enough, and you can’t be sane without it.

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