What a day

Trip was fine, weather was so wonderful when I got home. I realized I had just enough energy to do a small shop and get the stone chip that Ziva collected the last time I went to Victoria fixed, and the guys at Crystal Glass on 6th repaired it for nothing because they liked my car.  I will take them all my glass work in future!

Sue called me to remind me about the minister meeting last night but I’d already told David that it was a travelling day and I was unlikely to attend.  I was in bed asleep by 8 so it’s just as well.  Formal announcement is coming soon.

In the middle of all this I got the reference check call for Katie WHO WILL HAVE HER OWN APARTMENT on May 1.  Huge step forward for her and I hope she enjoys having her own space.

And now, Chipper I’m thinking of you when I post this link.  Farming doesn’t have to be an ecological disaster.

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