Note to self

February 7 2010, what was I doing?  Well, apparently, according to my computer I completed the lyrics for and the accompaniment for a song of my composition (circa 2008) called “Mythical”.

I completely lost any recollection of the song until I was reviewing what I had recorded in Garageband many many months later and then I had one of the more classic WTFs of my adult life.

I had NO RECOLLECTION of having recorded it.  Just to screw myself twice over I performed the song in a D open tuning and so could not determine what the chords where which accompanied it.

I tuned Smokey into a open D mode and then just spent an agonizing hour trying to recreate the song.  If I had just had the brains to write out tabs OR ANYTHING I could have saved myself the irritation.

I have recovered the song and am pleased with how amazing Smokey sounds in that tuning (and he really does too) but appalled that this song and many others could have just vanished because I’m so careless of my prodigal song writing output that it just never occurred to me that what I was doing needed additional notation.  However I think I’ve learned my lesson.  I’ve written out a cheat cheet.