My twitter comments about the current furore over A+ (Atheism Plus)

From the bottom to the top…..

Allegra Sloman ‏@TheCorrection

But hey, sorry, life isn’t like that. Life ain’t life without struggle, self-improvement, sorrow, loss, and metric crapstacks of hard work.

And I want praise for being me, glorious me, and I never want to lift a mental finger again. Or a physical one truth be told….

No matter who we are we want to rest after a battle. They want praise for being atheists, not a lecture about the next battle.

Raised atheist, but I still have to fight internalized sexism, racism, transphobia, neuro-difference, and preference for English.

If you’ve had a long journey getting to atheism, being told you’re still a clueless asshole about sexism really smarts. Hurt lashes out…

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