wonderful dream(s)

Last night, or more properly this morning, I had two wonderful dreams, one about a Vancouver being returned as the land of the people who first lived here, and how different things were (no privately owned cars – you had to share car ownership with housemates or family, and the transit was WAY better (there was an incredible funicular down from Burnaby mountain to the inlet that was like a fricking roller coaster ride) and you couldn’t cut down trees unless you were growing food on that land, and everybody was allowed to keep small food animals if they had the space) and then that morphed into a dream that was a wonderful cross between Dunnett and Martin about a bossy young lady who picked out her husband when she was young and then worked out a plan to marry him when she got older, and how everybody fell in line with her plans including her future father in law because it was easier than arguing with her – oh, she was a sassy little thing, and so cute.   I haven’t remembered a dream in ages, and these two made me happy.

Keith came over yesterday.  He’s been having a lovely time with friends (watching a troupe of actors rehearse on Granville Island yesterday, among other delights) and is considering his next move workwise, he’s still working part time in the lab.  Katie has vanished from our sights but will respond to texts when prodded.  I’m seeing her later this week.

I made curried chicken salad sandwiches for lunch yesterday, they were yummy.

Paul came over and we went for walk and we noodled on guitars.  I am VERY happy with Smokey, tuned to a D chord.  He sounds purty.