Sundry and various

DJD, whose poetry mentions the thousand sided dice emailed me back amid the last minute flurry of edits for a manuscript, saying ksided was ‘quite nice’.  Chipper picked a couple of very interesting words out and said ‘weehaw’, and there were many other congratulatory emails, some from people who only found out about it this weekend and some who’ve known about it from the outset.  Robof9 wants to be able to choose .ca websites.

Linked from Making Light, a poem for Neil Armstrong.  I wouldn’t have the courage to try to write a poem about that so I am glad someone else did.

A horrifying subject with a book cover to match.  Yeesh.

Neil Gaiman won another Hugo.

A poly advocacy site talks about who we are.  I’m very much following along these lines in terms of definition and emphasis.

This week is shaping up to be very busy in a lot of challenging ways.  Hopefully it will be full of work and win and not whining and whimpering.