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By not dying in harness, Benedict is spitting on the traditions of his office, and showing that he’s either afraid of prosecution or death, either of which demonstrate a marked public lapse in faith.  And the commentary from the Vatican on how African cardinals couldn’t get past first ballot in the conclave because they are ‘not known’ seems like the most egregious twaddle from a catholic – ie UNIVERSAL church.  (Notice how I didn’t use the words ‘institutional racism’?)


At least Rome no longer has crowds in their thousands outside the Holy See yelling ‘GIVE US AN ITALIAN’ which has happened more than once.


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  1. Oh, I am supposed to want a EuroPope because he will be more Urbane and Sophisticated? F((( no, I want an African pope who hates the gays so much he will root them out of the church! After which it will collapse, and we can go about rebuilding civilization so that it is like, civilized.

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