It’s all in the timing

I have to send loves and hugs and gratitudes out to Laura Redmond for the so far FABULOUS job she’s done on the design of the logo for the business.

Don’t you think it’s funny that we took possession on March Forth! and open the cafe APRIL FOOLS!?  Katie and I have giggled about this.

Cheesy basil scones in the oven right now.

Yesterday was so busy, what with insurance, Fraser Health, transferring the business license, having to take Ziva in to the krankenhaus (tie rod ends and a laundry list of stuff that has been peeving me ickishly), more Fraser Health (opening inspection March 22, things are GOING TO HAPPEN!!), trip to the bank to get a new password since I’m such a duffer, checking the balance on the account and yes the first rent check and Yarina’s payment went through so this is it, it’s REALLY HAPPENING.  Jeff loaned me his car and that was nice for a change.  Also, beer.  Also proper receipt containers as Katie and I are lousy about stuff like that unless we have a system to step into.  Katie is working like a mad thing on the recipes.

My tax money came in.  ///even if I mentioned it earlier, like, who cares.  I took Jeff out to the Keg on Willingdon and when the server heard about the restaurant comped us a dessert.  I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW PLEASANT everyone is being, it’s like … even the inspector we’re dealing with is a complete sweetheart.

HAVE ALREADY fielded my first request from a potential commercial tenant.  We’ll see if the hoops we’re asking her to jump through (follow schedule, prepay rent, have Foodsafe, licence, FHA authorization) prove too much.


Today, the sign, the phone, and Jeff’s first site visit as our official sponsor (he’s the one who sent me the original Craigslist ad) and IT guru.  Wait until you see the business cards, they are adorable.  Laura has such an eye.

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  1. I like the start of your enterprise on April 1, as that is the same date that we started our business.

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