huge catering job

We’ve been asked to quote on a thousand iced cookies for July 1.  For the opening of Edmonds Community Center.  (Cue screaming and dancing around the shop like fracking idiots.)

I opened communications with the purchaser but Katie’s totally grabbed the reins on this one, and I am tagging along with that big goofy grin that loving parents get when their kids are doing something berloody awesome.  Paul came in to grab a bowl of soup (and Katie’s Red Velvet cupcakes, which are like clouds with cream cheese icing, so fluffy and delicious ermagerd).

And I had TWO big orders of biscotti this week,  I have to do more baking tomorrow so this is me signing off and getting another batch on before we close up today.  Katie’s gone home early to try and sell Izzy.  It is sad but necessary.

So, busy, happy, and thinking holy crap, it’s ON.

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