lord love a duck

This happened mere blocks from my house.  Further to which, there will be explosions in south Burnaby tonight, but that is because they are filming a movie.

Off tonight to see the Dandy Warhols play through my fave album of theirs.

Katie  had her second last wisdom tooth out.  It came out clean as a whistle; the hard one comes later.  Right now she’s collapsed out on her bed; I went to fetch her from the dentist and she was maudlin in her gratitude.  Note to self – never have a wisdom tooth pulled out when you’re hungover.  Katie has been very abstemious of late but really decided to tie one on last night; I know why.

This next week she’ll have to be a very good girl indeed.  We’re going to be icing cookies until the end of time, by the look of things.

The famed Scandinavian practice of wife carrying comes to Burnaby.

Do want. this is a tshirt, sfw.

Do want.  And I thought I wanted a mass spectrometer, silly me.

Everytime I think the tories are going to do something good, it turns out to be fucking window dressing.

Jeff caught up to me on Life, and we are now watching it together.  There is a thing called Netflix adultery… it’s best not to cross that line. We’re looking arond for something else to watch.

And now, some capybara lovin fer me mOm.



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