Physio and cookies

I fed the folks roast beef with Katie made gravy, green salad, brussell sprouts, taters, unyums, carrips, and since S. is a vegetarian, a lovely cheesy baked fusilli with garlic and basil.  Also, lightly sauteed mushrooms.  The beast was a standing rib roast two for one so there’s another sitting in the freezer waiting on another family meal occasion.

Lu the physiotherapist reading me the riot act last Monday had a salutory effect.  He’s such a pleasant individual (and he’s a dead ringer for TJ Thyne…) I hate to disappoint him.  So when he said I was basically fucking up the rest of my life by not getting enough shoulder exercise (put much more pleasantly than that) I did much strength and stretch last week and he pronounced himself pleased with my progress.  I got to mimic the Titanic position while prone and with a TENS machine strapped to my shoulder.  I am MUCH improved; there’s another ten degrees of extension more to achieve and then I’m back to normal and all I have to work on is strengthening exercises.  I have all the equipment needed.  In about 3 – 4 weeks I can start swimming again although I can of course do whatever aquafit stuff I want right now.

There are oatmeal chocolate chip drop cookies in the oven right now.

Church yesterday was about how to address the social ill of loneliness.

Jeff and I have finished reviewing the family photos for mOm.

Cookies are now out.  Jeff likes them but says they are too sweet – I’ll have to find another recipe.

I paid $287 to the dentist today for Katie’s last extraction. She’s gone, but the bills keep coming in.  I said I wouldn’t complain, but being the everlasting upsucker of other people’s shit doesn’t sit well with me.  Yes, it was nice to see her last night, but I am still very angry and disappointed about the shop.  A lot.

A potential buyer will be talking with me later this week.