Visits and writing

We are through Cadfael and well into The Good Wife.  It is a very well acted show.

I am up to 10K words on my Tarot thingee and enjoying it immensely.  I have to set up a spreadsheet to try to deal with the interrelatedness of things.

Today I think I’m going to have a mushroom and spinach omelette for breakfast.  Cause I really need to use up the spinach and mushrooms, yo.  Also, must go to veggie store… all the veggies I pre-prepped so we could have INSTANT HEALTHY SNACKS are, like, gone.

Sue came by yesterday to borrow my fascinator.  I have two- the steampunk as opposed to headband one.  She is in no fewer than THREE shows this fall, which given she’s fifteen years older than me is a big old YOU GO GIRL. Her energy and acting ability continue to be a joy.  And she was wearing me mammy’s scarf whot she knit for her, which cheered me no end when I greeted her at the door.

Paul has taken me out for a couple of walks recently and it’s always nice to go to Deer Lake Park.  A couple of times he has providentially gotten me out of the house during the only two hours of the day it wasn’t raining and blowing.

Night before last the thunder and lightning at midnight shook the house on its foundations.

Two more sleeps for more Breaking Bad.  The race to the finish is enthralling.

I updated my google plus profile to make it link back to this blog.  Or try to.

My shoulder really hurts off and on (I am at an awkward stage of how strong and mobile that joint is, constantly reaching too far and doing too much) and I’m having meshuggas with the cpap machine, but I am letting neither of these things spoil my mood.  I do have a new hose for the cpap after my whining. So go me.  I’m out of pain pills but it doesn’t seem to be affecting how little or much sleep I get.

Not being able to practice mandolin is making me NUTTY.  I mean, nutty.



Physio and other matters

I am enjoying physio, in that I enjoy greater range of motion with less pain when Luc is done with me, but I am hating being told I still can’t play a musical instrument.  Double Grr.

I am absolutely loathing and despising the cpap machine.  I did sleep with it for a couple of hours, so yay for some progress.

Spoke to Tammy this morning.  She is doing reasonably well.

Patricia was over the other day!  We had a lovely time chatting about TERFs vs Transwomen (and other stuff of course) and she helped me get my feet under me as far as where things are in the political geography of contemporary feminism and forwarded me some reading.  I fed her rosemary chicken chunks over salad with a side of sweet corn. Nommers.  Very glad to hear that there has been some progress in one of those troubling areas of life we don’t talk about to be respectful to people we love, that married life is still suiting her, and that her job hunt is going well.


Margot asked for a lift

She came into my room and stared at me, and then stared at the top bunk.  I picked her up, and she immediately settled into a valise and started washing herself. What a weird weird critter she is.

Jeff says she made a noise identical to a tribble the other morning.  See previous comment.

She is now cleaning herself with such vigour that she’s making my bunk beds rock back and forth.


King of the forest

King of the forest is SMALL.

Today a friend is coming by for a visit.  I have been feeling mighty low, and knowing that whining isn’t attractive has prevented me from pissing my woes out against an uncaring world.  So I am very much looking forward to having a girlfriend visit and getting caught up with the smoking hot gossip etc.

I am just dying for a cup of coffee, which is weird.

I’ll be dropping into the shop today to pick up supplies and check fridges.  I will be re-running the ad again, as there is no activity currently and the shark has to keep moving.


If I keep my options open I may ask the physiotherapist to come into the shop and show me how I can go back to work if I have supporting devices, etc so I can get stuff in and out of ovens.  The bottom oven working properly now is probably my best bet until I can raise both hands.  I can hold up to fifteen pounds with my right hand but not lift it.  Dishwashing is still hopeless, which means I have to get somebody in to do that OR install a dishwasher, bleaugh.

I also need to figure out packaging – the Uline catalogue had some individualized packing tubes that look like they would be perfect for singles and doubles of biscotti.  It would only cost about three hundred bucks to get started on that.

Okay, time to find out whether Jeff wants to watch Newsroom or Ray Donovan.  Love, love, love that man.

Hanna kissing Hedy / writing matters


Saw Despicable Me 2 and loved it.  Some of the physical humour is right up there with Warner Bros.

We’re most of the way through the first season of Good Wife and Jeff and I are quite enjoying it. Except when a corrupt member of the legal establishment does something, and then Jeff fulminates. It is terrible having had an honest judge in the family; everything else, real OR imaginary, suffers so by comparison.

I got my running around done yesterday.  It was horribly exhausting and it’s fucking hot out there so I came home and collapsed.  I should have gone to Andrew’s Pennywake, but I am good for One Big Thing per day these days, it seems, and have to quit overbooking myself.

I am up over 6K words on my new project and once the sun comes up I think I’m going to go find a library to work in – research don’t you know.  LTGW recommends that as a working style.  I’ll be working on Midnite Moving.

No Cpap last night, I was just too hot and sticky to think about putting the mask on my face, and it smelling like ass doesn’t help.

I had a problem with a technical aspect of Midnite Moving and be damned if the internet didn’t help out.  There is now a nanomolecular substance called CARBYNE.  Isn’t that cool?  Look it up, it’s awesome.

Not another project, cheezy Pete

Yes, I am now working on a number of different projects.  I’m trying to concentrate on stuff I enjoy.  Anyway, the most recent one is called Tarot for Atheists, and it’s a radical revisioning of the Tarot in light of contemporary life.  For entertainment purposes only.  It’s loads of fun. I have already invented a pi layout and a Fibonacci layout and an x bar layout and a delta layout and will find other mathematical and scientific layouts I’m sure.

George and Kima also continue to chew thoughtfully on my brain.  Kima just ran down Denman street like a Catherine wheel in octopot form.  George is chasing after her apologizing to the pedestrians.  The next day signs appear all up and down the street Beware of Runaway Squid.

Margot is suffering dreadfully from allergies, her eyes are getting gunked up every day.  Eddie pulled a Margot last night and did something he’s never done the entire time I’ve known him … he got under my feet when I took my eyes off him.  I’m lucky I didn’t boot him across the room.

Used the cpap loaner for the first time last night.  YUCK.  It’s supposed to get easier, but it smells like ass and I can only sleep in one position or the mask shifts.  This will hurt my back.  Shoulder quite sore today, but I will press on through the exercises.

Today I go deal with business winding down things, hopefully.  We shall see.

I have now read a substantial portion of the Benedictine Rule to support my learnings in watching the Cadfael mysteries.  St. Benedict was an interesting dude.


Crad Kilodney is back.

Crad Kilodney is one of those people you have to file in the part of the Venn Diagram where ‘literary treasure’ ‘full bore pain in the ass’ and ‘exceedingly rude bastard’ meet. Author of Lightning Struck My Dick, Pork College and World Under Anaesthesia, he used to sell his little chapbooks on the street in Toronto, where I first made his acquaintance on Yonge Street when our Saviour was still commuting by T. Rex, after he had escaped from New York City. Now he has rewritten the 38 canonical Shakespearean plays for the ‘don’t stop me from texting just cause the Royal Vic is performing’ crowd, and I’ve read portions of several of them…. Okay, you’ve been warned.

Margot made a tribble noise this morning, which is where cute meets alarming.

Physio this morning was great. I walked back, picked up some groceries, and feel much better about my recovery.

No joy on the shop sale.  I have a lot of work to do but at least I’m feeling a bit more like doing it.

written in the water

written in the water

Click on the title to get the file into a player so you can hear it. I wrote this 4 years ago standing in the rain waiting for a bus.

Oh your words
are written in the water
but your deeds
are set in stone
but even stone
can be worn by water
when ten thousand
years have flown

Speak your truth
and it will be a rock to you
speak your lies
the rock is gonna come a-flood
Do you suppose
in that fearful landscape
the rock can tell
the water from blood