Friends and relatives

I AM SO LUCKY.  Won’t go into teedails, but I am fortunate to have kindly and discerning friends and relatives.

The hat I loaned to Sue won’t be required.  The writer.director of her fringe show bailed at the last moment.  That must be awful.  I told her to keep the hat until she had taken a headshot, as it is marvellous and looks so wonderful on her.

Shoulder wasn’t bad yesterday after physio but today it HURTS LIKE HELL.  Also I am feeling fluish, so I think I am bailing on church today.

Chipper asked me to drive across Canada with her… I am considering it.

what is the meaning of this candy corn on the cob?

We are already halfway through the second season of Hell on Wheels.  It’s filling up the big empty Deadwood part of my heart.  It is not as good as Deadwood, but, ah, she ain’t Rose, if you know what I mean. And Anson Mount has the most superb range of vocalizations I have ever heard out of an actor.  He can convey more with a single grunt…. or stifled laugh… or sigh of regret… it’s quite entertaining.

Today, Mt. Washmore.