I am home from the warz… GAFilk 2014!

SO many awesome things.

Met a lovely man, skated right up to having FEELINGS, and then sensibly consulted girlfrenz on those things I might want to know about in advance. So I had 12 hours of hope, and have gone back to my usual thinking guys are, well, you know – strange, difficult and clueless.  And go me for consulting people before saying or doing anything stupid.  Wish I could have been like this 35 years ago, but we get too soon old and too late smart.

Concert went great.  Travel was within acceptable tolerances. Phoenix Airport is nice, and Atlanta airport is so awesome I want to fly back in there with people who haven’t seen it so I can show it off.  Hotel was good, room was good, everything I brought except my space babe’s bag sold at the Interfilk auction, and my Matrix coat is now being rocked by a very hot trans*person who looks WAY better in it than I ever did.  I bought Keith a tshirt but made the mistake of wearing it home, so now I have to wash it.  I bought myself a cicada hair bob, Gwen’s Box of Fairies album, Cat Faber’s Medicine Show album, and I acquired a copy of my own performance, which is great…

Otto, not so great. He survived the trip but the strings all broke when I retightened them and the strings I took as replacements DIDN’T WORK.  They were loop as opposed to ball strings.  CRAP.  So France and Steve helped me get strings and everything was fine for the concert, except loosening all the strings changed the intonation so bad I now have to get Otto into the shop.  The low G sucks dead bears now.

I wrote 3 SONGS ON THE PLANE this morning.  Some little muther stole my pen, though, but it was all worth it. One of them is below, I don’t have permission from Peter Alway and DB Cooper (a stage name) to post theirs.

I worked up a fucking awesome bass line for my Gateway filk, plus optional instrumental bridge.

KEPT CRYING during Cat Faber’s singing, because NOBODY does social justice songs like she does.


anyway, a song.  I am still buzzing – this week I must avoid con crud, look for work and keep practicing!!!

Lady Miss Banjola

She will stab you with a needle

to guard you from the flu

and your assistance wheedle
when an album’s coming due
Lady Miss Banjo-o-o-o-ola
Airport expertise
Ginger ale, not co-o-o-o-o-la
Quite attached to ….bees
and squid
and Bean her darling kid
and puns, and runs, and putting in a bid
and herding cats
and always wearing flats
and phy-si-o
and being in the know
her rapier wit
not taking any shit
and I know she will slay me
If I don’t mention Amy.
She is so responsible
and yet carefree and gay
Her massive bag of sensible
sends chaos on its way
I haz a sad, Eddie is really sick.  Margot was actually kinda clingy – strange.

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