Niccolo song

I will follow you.mus

I have followed lots of men to hell and halfway back again

but you’re e-ffic-ient

Your critiques ring in my ears and you play on my every fear

and make me feel somehow deficient

I will follow you

and hand you gear when trouble’s brewing

I will follow you

When a brand new ship needs crewing

I will follow you

I’ve made a lot of bad decisions

Made my mind up this is what I’ll do.


You say we’re off to Africa and going to visit Prester John

I don’t believe you

I will keep an eye on you and find out what you’re really up to

and if required somehow retrieve you

I will follow you

hallucinate and dance till morning

I will follow you

my hero worship you are scorning

I will follow you

I’ve made a lot of bad assumptions

I will prove to you my trust is true


This time it is Iceland and it’s not a very nice land

’cause vol-ca-no

Also it is wintertime and there is much terrain to climb

before our fortune we can gain-o

I will follow you

You found a man trapped in a snow slide

I will follow you

We caught a polar bear alive

I will follow you

I’ve risked my life and reputation

You’re my best friend, I will follow you.


Off we go to the Levant and I, unwanted mendicant

Need you and gold

Patriarch of Antioch I cling by faith to Peter’s Rock

You can flee but I am bold

I will follow you

You are crucial to my scheming

I will follow you

You always need a verbal reaming

I will follow you

To free all of the Christian nations

There is nothing to you I won’t do.


more later…


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