The show we’ll never see


Someone had to do it, I suppose.  I reckon I’d enjoy it. I provide the link for me mOm’s entertainment.

I made meatloaf yesterday.  In case I don’t remember the recipe, it’s a pound and a bit of regular ground beef, four tablespoons of Heinz chili sauce, a good shot of black pepper, ditto powdered garlic, an egg and almost half a cup of bread crumbs.  I think I’ll macerate an onion next time too.  Jeff proceeded to abandon the leftover Chinese food for it, so I’d say that’s a good sign.

Today, I will be putting some effort into an interview between my main character and my newly hatched CBC interviewer.

The Jazz documentary continues to dazzle, likewise Attenborough’s Blue Planet.  Wars between coral species are bizarre and disgusting.  “I barf my guts on you and digest you on the spot!”  “Aiyee! I am fixed to one spot and cannot flee!” Also, who knew there’s a colony species of shrimp? With a queen, and workers, and burly guards with extra large claws!?

I’m singing in church on Sunday, must practice some more.


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