sadly, didn’t make wordcount

But it was a productive day in other ways.  I dealt with some more of the fallout from the shop, paid all my bills and figured out how much I owed Jeff for the last two months here; saw Katie and got some smoking hot and unrepeatable gossip from her which caused the two of us to fall about the kitchen laughing, an event much desired by me anyway; practiced for an hour, tucked away some more laundry, hosed down the gear I took to church on Saturday and put it away, dealt with Margot’s eyegunk and arranged a second phone interview for Wednesday.  I still managed to grind out 500 words on two separate sections, but I didn’t get that bit in the teeth feel.  I blame the weather, when really it’s all on me.

Jeff’s wanting me to be more restrained in what I feed him, so it was oatmeal this morning.



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