There are a lot of people suffering from mental illness and I am lighting a candle for comfort, hugs and clarity for all of them.

I am waiting for a package from India.  I have no interview clothes (the last two dresses now have teeny holes in them) so I ordered some.  Had no idea it was going to be shipped from India. I hope nobody was oppressed in the manufacture but I likely the boat’s sailed on that.

Katie is only five weeks away from her due date.  Exciting, eh wot?  We spent the money the fOlks gave me on a really nice convertible stroller for her and Malachi, or whatever moniker the wee baby is given.

Church was delightful.  There were so many new faces that the 25 or so of us (half the active church members) who went to the workshop on Saturday were going GUPPA GUPPA GUPPA and of course as much as I wanted to talk to newcomers that was a day I was assisting with coffee and potluck.

And now one more teeny church item and back to writing.