No hours logged

Keith has done his download.  Paul and I broke up years ago, but that doesn’t really set a timetable for when Keith processes it, so that is what it was about.  My final comment to him was, “I understand it takes a while to process things, and you might wish to consider talking about it sooner than later.” So, all good.

No hours logged last night.  I honestly think I forgot to put it on, which is weird, because I loaded in more distilled water. So I feel a little sludgy this morning.

I think I will make waffles.

Saw Louis Malle’s Crackers with Keith and Jeff yesterday – it is a most wonderfully strange movie.  Many aspects of the script you couldn’t get made today.  Wallace Shawn as Turtle is amazing.  Donald Sutherland as the would-be supervillain is hilarious.  The scene where he’s expertly blowdrying his hair had my eyes popping. The film is not very highly rated and I enjoyed it anyway, mostly because I had no idea what was going to happen next. Also, a young and sizzling Christine Baranski wears a startling array of lovely lingerie, and that by itself is worth seeing.

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