New song – In the lineup for the ferry

We are in the lineup for the ferry

wonder what it’s gonna be this time

will we see orcas in Active Pass or will we

starve in the White Spot line

and there’s no sense in complaining

cause there’ll never ever be a bridge

and I can’t afford alternatives

the ferry …is really all that there is.

So they’ve started loading up the ferry

And it’s really close, things are getting tight

There’s 400 unexpected walk-ons

Holy crap we’re gonna be here all night

And there’s no use us complaining

They are never going to build a bridge

I can’t afford to fly and rent a car

So BC Ferries… is all that there is.

Five hours in the lineup

Kids are screaming bored and the adults whine

They have calledĀ up one of the Queen class

I may get home before midnight

And there’s no sense us complaining

Though we line up for the privilege

It would be an eco-disaster

If they ever built a frikkin bridge

….And still we dream about a bridge.

Edited for singability and actual scansion 29 April 1:29

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