Toothy grin

The fake tooth is now a real fake tooth.  It was a horrible experience.

1.  The new tooth was bulbous.  I cried when he tapped it in for fit, it felt so ghastly.

2. It took about an hour to take the piece of junk that came back from the lab ground down so it  would actually let me close my jaw.  It was into and out of my mouth sixteen times before he glued it.

3. Everything is settling down now but my bite is different and so many teeth in my mouth will be crabby until it’s over.  The root itself is calm on that tooth. The tooth immediately below is making little Shakespearean threatening speeches.

4. Walked to and from.  Pelvic bones feel like a GoT character has been drinking out of them before and dicing with them after.  I am ****ing sore today.  I did everything to try to alleviate overnight, but I can’t deal.  My month long experiment with no pain killers is over, I suspect.  Walking around Costco yesterday really didn’t help.

Ayesha cat care coverage is done.

This morning before I leaned over to find out how many hours I thought, “2.1, I feel like I had the mask on for 2.1 hours!” and it was so.

No words yesterday.  My day card is the Empress, the guardian of fecundity and increase, so I think I will work some more on Kima’s pregnancy today.