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You will note the blog looks different.  Jeff and I had a quick confab yesterday to refresh the look.  His take on it is that now that I’m shifting to more commercial writing, the microblog portion of me going on at short length about my petty health problems should probably go behind a wall, with the long form pieces, the rants of varying sizes and selected humor, going to the front.

As long as we can keep a link happening so mOm can see my daily production of weltercruft, it’s all good.

No words (actually I went backwards yesterday as I am editing the GASP 17665 words I have written already.) I sent out a number of query letters yesterday and ONE OF MY FILKING BUDDIES has a sister who’s a literary agent so I am being extra specially careful about crafting a letter to her so I don’t blow it.

No CPAP.  I’ll be back on it tonight after I clean it.

Jerome and Shannon are having a barbecue!! me happy.  Jeff may come too if we keep it a short visit.

Now if you’ll excuse me, a cup of coffee must be made before I can perform morning normativity. Perform morning normativity.  MMMM.

My CT scan is scheduled for May 8 can you believe it? it’s at night, but o well.

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