No progress

However I’m in Victoria for a couple days so I’m hoping to get book one through the edits.

Victoria is beautiful as always and Dan’s has Nanaimo bars for a buck.

Travelling to the ferry was disgusting, as always.  I had a half hour wait at Ladner Exchange -if I was older or more infirm I’da had a hell of a time during the wait as I got quite chilled.  Every other part of the trip moved along reasonably well. I treated myself to the Pacific Buffet and prevented a Muslima from accidentally ingesting shrimp, always a win.

I am hoping Jeff’s home when my aboriginal art comes.  It’s a storm trooper helmet with a great blue heron across it done giclé.  Yeah.  I was blown away by the thumbnail so I’m hoping the real thing is as awesome.

Woke at three, left the house at six-thirty, got to the ferry about 8:30 and so easily caught the nine.  I debated not bringing the mando but I want to play When I Go for mOm.

Got some phone calls to make and then I’ll get into it.

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