haven’t posted anything but writing

Here are some pretty pics.

Paul and I walked all the way to the end of the Quay and back (Queensborough side) and I picked up some groceries and beer and we made a hearts of palm salad and some smoked meat sammies and drank some lovely Hawaiian beer.

Recover soon from the Outpatient Experience, pOp. You need a break that doesn’t involve you breaking something.

I donated to Wikipedia today. Did you?

We watched Blood Father, Mel Gibson’s latest, which was really really funny in spots and conformed to a certain standard narrative with more verve and success than I’ve seen lately. Also William H Macy in a supporting role, whaddaya whaddaya.

Mel Gibson looks as old as he is and then some, but still quite cranky and vigorous.  I kept thinking he looked like Unca Dave, especially when he was muttering under his breath.

Must try to untangle a thread and go on to the next Tales of Midnight Movements.

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