Hope it’s not too hot today

The poor ac is working pretty hard these days.

Jeff’s indicated a desire to eat less red meat so I’m putting meal plans together. First step, get some veggie burgers into the house; they fix up instantly and go with just about everything.  Second step, wraps, soft tacos and whole wheat muffins plus the innards for same.  I’m looking up recipes!  Crockpot scalloped potatoes yay.  So, breakfast – lunch – dinner as below.

french toast home made soup & toast Crockpot stew
oatmeal taco salad veggie burgers
mexican brekky bowl eggy potato salad leftovers
poached eggs on toast chicken strips & taters onions veggie split pea soup
whole wheat pancakes with choc chips fish and green salad pork chomps & veg
baconandegger veggie burgers veggie tacos
breakfast wrap chicken stir fry with rice tuna salad bowl
dirty rice rotisserie chkn


Jeff bends somewhat better than I do and volunteered to clean out the disaster left by an exploding (and festering) large can of peaches in the pantry, so that’s what he’s doing right now.  Yay.

Now to wait for stuff to dry so I can put it all back.

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