Yesterday I started rereading the Niccolo Series by Dorothy Dunnett, as, thanks to Lady Miss Banjola, I now have all the books again.  I am taking it slowly and trying to see what I missed on previous readings.

Yesterday Keith called me at 730 am to tell me he was doing fine.  I’d been up since 130, although I’m pleased to see I made it all the way to 330 am this morning.  Jeff’s already up.

Yesterday Paul dropped by and we did a small shop at the Farm Market on Kingsway so I can make a proper salad and then we had a beer after and had a really good long talk.

I did a couple of loads of laundry and ran the dishes.  An ordinary and domestic day.

The AMC show which I should be watching and never really took to, Halt and Catch Fire, comes back today, which should please Jeff as he’s been waiting for S3 for a while now.


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