It’s done it’s over

Went to see a therapist today at the request of a family member for family therapy going forward. It was a very good session and I got some insight into the situation which I would not have received any other way.  More fun times in February. Really – I had gone in thinking it was all a big drag but came out quite upbeat, and I’d recommend her.


Then I had my first Fatburger, a lettuce wrapped fatbaby with mushrooms.

A LITTLE EARLY FOR BLACK HISTORY MONTH but Fatburger is a business that was founded by a black woman, so….

Had the most extraordinary encounter with a bus driver today.  I ended up hugging him, after he offered one.  He said, and I quote, “A real Winnipeg hug” which was LIKE THE SWEETEST THING EVAR SAID TO ME BY MORTAL MANG.

I’m going to write a poem about the experience, he made me laugh until I cried for about 10 minutes, and then my phone alarm went off like a bomb on a tv show and everybody screamed. Sort of. Then  all the people on the front part of the bus laughed at me.

After all the horrible things I’ve said about my employer, why would I ask to work there full time? Which I did today. Because when I compare my mental health now to September, I’d rather be working. So that’s it, I’m going to be full time. I HAVE SOMETHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT EVERY DAY NOW THAT ISN’T DONALD TRUMP how useful. Also, see -working, which also means I’ll have benefits after a while, which is useful.

like this

America’s wedding night from TrollXChromosomes

I need an alarm clock.  Using my phone as an alarm is sucking, I have so many multiple alarms to set.


yet more feelings

Coworker quit, hellzapoppin’ down to three count them three people to keep the place running. Don’t care. It will be what it will be, no point with any of that flinchy rebellious crap. I’ll be here for the foreseeable future and probably making rude amounts of overtime money.

Paul and I hung out for a bit this evening; I’d felt I’d like forgot what he looks like.  I took him to Brown’s Social House and I had a perfectly prepared filet mignon and we laughed very hard about nothing to do with the InHogYourNation.

Really, really, really enjoying X Company this year. Great scripts, excellent acting.

Now I’m going to go sniff the air outside and see if it’s quit raining.