I’d like to thank my mother for invisibly preventing me from saying what I really think about a popular fantasy writer in public. The circle is small.

But Jesus, what a gendered slur.

Same for the manager at work, who has ONCE AGAIN handed out the dress code as if this will magically prevent her from getting spanked when the big boss comes in three days. ¬†Does she ever come in on midnights to audit the housekeepers? No. Does she proactively deal with ongoing supply and consumables issues? No. Does she proactively deal with the housekeepers who sleep, steal, lie and prevent other people from doing their jobs (we know who they are…) No. Does she proactively deal with the staff who take 9 weeks to correct payroll errors including missing an entire week and causing a rent cheque to bounce? No. Does she ensure we have the equipment we need to do our jobs properly, including such new fangled telephony magic as CALL DISPLAY? (LET’S JUST THINK ABOUT THAT ONE FOR A FUCKING MINUTE NOW I WORK IN A CALL CENTRE AND THEY WON’T PAY FOR CALL DISPLAY.) There are other issues, but you get the general idea.

I made my bed. Now I’m lying in it.


Had to stay late at work this morning, watched Jack Reacher II with Jeff (I loved it – Tom Cruise does action movies with quality) and then SLEPT FOR 9 HOURS. Woke up with my dry eyes feeling happy and rested and I suppose I should be hungry, but of course I’m not.

I need to start setting the alarm for four hours after I go to bed so I am no longer sleeping through life, then get up and do things…