free form in grey

Facebook knows I’m in Burnaby so it tells me to watch out for rain. I am indeed watching the rain. I’m at the Aerie. The clouds are low, grey and without much in the way of form.

Walked to Mike’s last night – I hate asking him to pick me up unless we’re going somewhere immediately afterward, and it’s a miracle of geography that he lives close enough to walk to – and he greeted me with beer and lovely cooking smells.

At dinner, to the south and west and against the sunset, there was a running half hour of demonstrations of virga, also known as fallstreaks.

I got a tenderloin steak PERFECTLY COOKED OMG and veggies for dinner. Then more beer. Mike put on “Outrageously long 70’s rock songs” as the after dinner mix, which was pretty funny. I mean, I knew that In-a-Gadda-da-Vida had a drum solo in the middle of it but I didn’t remember it being so good, nor had I remembered that the lyrics are like the high water mark of brainless misogyny.

Now I’m up again, having slept through the night for the first time since November (normally I sleep in two shifts, and I’m generally awake between 1 am and 9 am.) I know my laundry is done and I’ve got more frozen dinners and made more cocoa powder and repacked my tea box and now I’m going to see if I can roust out Mike and go for breakfast before I head home and try and get a little more housework done before my shift starts tonight.

Sundays are usually fairly slow, but we shall see. I’ll be checking the schedule to see if there’s more work for me… the schedule runs out after the 29th. SO I MIGHT BE UNEMPLOYED or underemployed or whatever. And you know what, me no care.

Poor Alex is puking sick and Katie is afraid to lose her job while she minds him. They’ve been sick three times since September; she’s so tired of being sick and tired, but that’s what mothering a toddler is like in this pesthouse.

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