There are 1.75 hours to go on the shift, and I’ve received 22 calls, including all the calls to clear work already done. This is the slowest night I’ve ever experienced here. I think it’s raining so hard that everybody is staying off the roads; emerg is quiet.

Even if they aren’t being called for discharge cleans, the housekeepers still have plenty to do; garbage and linen for all the wards, getting the garbage chute working again, trying to figure out what six legged bugs ended up in one of the isolation rooms, etc etc but there’s really nothing for me to do except read fanfic, work on Tarot for Atheists and drink cocoa.

Today I have to call one of the companies I have investments with and ask them why I’m being placed on a waiting list to sell their crappy fund.

Still waiting to hear back from Westcoast Guitars about Edith’s repair charge. I have an estimate but you never know what you’re going to get. She got smushed at Mike’s place, prob’ly when he was moving stuff around when the windows got redone, so he has very kindly agreed to pay for the repair.

I think I’m going to put reflector tape on the umbrella I’m using, if I can get get Jeff’s permission, since I think it’s his umbrella.

NOTHING BUT RAIN RAIN RAIN smashing all the records.

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