Edith’s coming home

Westcoast Guitars says the baby mandolin repair is done – I’ll be collecting Edith this weekend, Saturday likely.

I am up to page 106 in the edits for Sweep Off Those Waves. I’m adding a little, taking out more, and cursing my sentence construction rather more often than I should. It’s holding up okay, but it’s not as funny as I’d like. Oh god, the terrible urge to be taken SERIOUSLY doncha know?

Still writing almost 1500 words a day on the goddamned fanfic, posting as I hit chapter length. Still trying to understand this almost biological urge to keep doing it; I actually shared the term ‘graphomania’ with a fellow writer on twitter; she hadn’t been aware that such a mental state existed and told me she was doing the same thing, writing fanfic instead of producing chapters on a non-fiction work. You should have heard me howl with laughter when I read that.

The Canada 150 celebration pisses me off. We have nothing to celebrate until the T&R for the people of the First Nations is done. This is not marching with banners stuff, it’s processing centuries of repression and regulation and slow motion genocide and trying to find a way forward.

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