apocalypse sky

All the blue of the sky is gone. My eyes are gunked up. You couldn’t see the far shore of the Fraser when I got up, it’s just barely visible now.

The trip to Victoria was wonderful; the best moment of all was being able to point to the single most glorious late strawberry the world has ever seen for Alex and feed it to him. It was red all the way through and Alex ate it and then he looked for more and found more and his mother helped with that.

looking south from Kingsway and Edmonds

Mike received family gifts with thanks and immediately donned the shirt.  It had just the effect I was going for pOp so big thumbs up all round. Kitchen knitted wipes also will be put to good use thanks mOm.

Two delightful teenaged boys played with their fidget spinners with Alex on the ferry. His mother broke down and got him the toy ferry that makes the honk noise. Alex is currently enchanted with ferry boats. And why not!?

Alex makes friends wherever he goes.  It’s rather delightful. And Katie is an awesome mUm!