writing agin

Really not surprised that a couple of days after the smoke dissipates I can finally feel comfy enough to write.

WIP 1 – Honey on the Moon <—- mostly

WIP 2 – Tarot for Atheists

WIP 3 – Earbuds

WIP 4 – The Dark Under the Door (ooh, horror genre, haven’t gone there)

WIP 5 – Why yes, I’m going to continue to work on the anti-racism curriculum.

Three destiel fics, using the tropes instant roommate, castmates, and doppelganger love/hate after Major Character Death.

I have found two SGA Rodney/Sheppard fics that I adore so much I’ve re-read them three times apiece. ADORABLE and HILARIOUS. One of them makes much comedic hay from a very very overused trope and I love it when something so tired can experience the inflationary glee of revival.

I found an SGA/SPN crossover fanfic that completely did not suck.

I am working on an NCIS LA/ POI crossover called ‘BAD DOGGY’. I’m never going to actually write it, because it’s mostly an excuse for bad obedience puns, but I suppose dragging Sameen Shaw and Kensi Blye into (that’s quite enough of that, ed.)