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Wrote about 500 words so far today but I haven’t typed them in so I didn’t add them to the total yet.

Ate fresh bean curd for the first time last night at Queen Café, it was superb, and the stone bowl rice and seafood was NOM.

Had the tolerably yucky experience of accompanying Katie and Alex to the custody handoff with Daxus and got the finger from him, so I guess he read my blog post bwa ha ha.

Mike is hanging on. There’s nothing like nearly getting yourself fired a year ago for how vehement you were about a problem and then being forced to go fix it the week before Christmas, as may happen to the lad. Damn those fucking managers, they are so goddamned incompetent.

Keith had an accident and may be concussed. His dad’s gonna look after him and I don’t know what that means about me getting to the housefilk at Shad’s tonight.

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