Plot device

So, as any poor sap that follows me knows, I am writing science fiction novels. One of the central tenets of writing is that you have a plot before you start. I don’t have a plot, I have a life arc. George is an earth born alien who wants to be in space and can’t get there without human help – or so he thinks. Upsun novels will follow his attempts and failures to get to space while all kinds of other shit happens.

One of the kinds of other shit is the ongoing difficulty the scientists are having figuring out how sixers, who have soft bodies, can be so dreadfully hard and durable. What are they made of?   Yay science. This can be part of the handwavey bits.

Learned that the same production team that did Orphan Black is going to do the Fionavar Tapestry. That should be really fun.

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