Daycard is seven of swords

I hate that little fucker, and of course I get the seven of swords disproportionately often; the sneaky sneaky man; the entitled man; the man who never cites his sources or gives credit where it’s due. I once got the seven of swords as a daysign three times in one week; it’s been twice in the last seven days. Hate’im, as I believe I mentioned. You know who I never get? The Emperor and the Hierophant.

At IHOP this morning, Jeff and I started riffing on the idea of the flat Earth as being a pancake; then Jeff thought about a spatula keeping the earth flat, and then I said “God’s Invisible Spatula” and there was much mirth. Both of us have a very hard time understanding how anybody could believe such nonsense.

26490 is the current word count. Theo and Varisha are strolling up and down a virtual beach in Tyre and Raven has accepted that this strange little sixer is in fact her closest friend. I also wrote about 1000 words of fanfic yesterday.