why am I doing this

I can’t/don’t plot

why am I writing

I have no plot in my life

and yet it’s interesting

things happen

in and out of likelihood

but I was given a wall of words

the day I was born

and some of them are here still

although that wall now sits

at the bottom of a well

I pull and pull on that damned rope

that moves the bucket

bringing water from the well of words

each drop infused

with something odd and viral

but it tastes of home

& home is what I mean to plant

cloud seeding


between the stars

and here

between your ears


I honestly didn’t believe I wrote anything yesterday but this morning’s word count makes me a liar.

Reason I adore Paul #46548

He drove all the way back from Seattle (which is where Conflikt is) to partay filkwize with me, Cindy, Tom and Peggy and DOUGLAS who wasn’t DOGLESS.

Petal is so cute with her widdy tongue hanging out of her face. Her fur is so soft I get kinda dreamy and melty when I pet her.

Oh man, that was a really really nice housefilk. I feel… cleansed. Cleansed by harmonizing Unexpected on the fly with Cindy. Happy sigh.

Anyway Paul will drive back to Seattle today and come back Monday or Tuesday.


Weather continues unbelievable rainy but the threatened 5 cm of  oobleck did not occur.