boring food

treating my liver right means not eating interesting food so I’m feeling kinda low

I really want to complain about how sad I am about stuff that I can’t control and probably has nothing to do with me, but I’m going to be an adult and mention an accomplishment instead: that SOTW editing has been handed over to Jeff. On to Hair Sinister (I didn’t give myself a break, went straight into editing.)

I hope to see Alex today.

It was absolutely lovely seeing the kids for breakfast yesterday (I had something reasonably healthy sigh), even if I had to start off by re-apologizing to Keith for thinking the worst when his new phone disconnected a call. (I picked up Paul’s call while he was driving, the call disconnected; on my end it sounded like Keith heard my voice and then hung up in disgust WHICH IS NOT WHAT HAPPENED.)  moving right along.

Today I pay bills and do laundry and thank our Blessed Elder God that I didn’t have to travel to Swartz Bay on a Friday when 4 ferries were cancelled.



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