He’s a three year old cat that lives five minutes from here and his current humans want to swap him. They cite the following reasons: He wants to be AOUTSAIDE NAOW. all the time. They keep having to herd him back into the house. He is jealous of the new baby.  Bounce never was (OH A NEW NAP TIME COMPANION SNORE) but some cats hate the not having all the skritches.

Please note the Greek name. mOm…. you are noting, are you not? A good omen. I won’t post pictures yet. He’s black and white with green eyes. Not the best looking cat but Margot wasn’t a cover girl either.

Jeff and I will go acquaint ourselves with him on Monday. We have a list of questions.

Also, I have a phone interview for a job very similar to the last ‘good’ job I had on Monday. I am not convinced I’ll even be called in for a physical interview so I remain undisturbed and will likely start that other job in November just like expected. I will get out my resume and prep though, it’s a chance.

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