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Week one at work and my head’s in a whirl but it’s decent work for decent money. Commute’s a bit long but it works out okay now that I’ve tried all the various ways to do it. 123 – Expo Line – Millennium Line – 180 or 160 or walk the last bit – takes about an hour. Sometimes the connections are so fast it’s absolutely amazing.

Ba  bies  all   the   time~~~!! at work. And big tummies.

I’ll be working part time from now on, probably, except when I have to cover full time.


happy sigh


Deimos is off to the vet today. He seems to have, possibly, some health problems which are making him crabby and bitey. Once they are dealt with we’ll try re-introducing the boys to each other. If that doesn’t work, we’ll have to rehome him, but at least he’ll have had all his shots and all his most recent vet work.

I wrote a little ditty this morning on Otto; Deimos doesn’t seem to mind music.

Katie bought me breakfast this morning. Her little man is doing well.

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