slept 11 hours

I’m a little bummed that the timing doesn’t really work out for me to hang with Alex at the pool tonight unless I really hustle and make all my connections.

Went to bed at 7:30 without supper, woke up at 6 am. I was obviously exhausted.

You can picture, I hope, my despair and self-questioning. I do have something wrong with my tongue. Nothing, according to the doctor, shows up in the imaging, for which 800 dollars was paid. It’s still hard to swallow and I’m still getting tingling and numbness and pain. But I should lose weight, right?

Okay, medicine, there’s nothing there. I’m imagining things. I’ll do my very very best to stop having symptoms, since they’re inconvenient, and I’ll stop talking about it too, since that’s inconvenient. I’m just a stupid hypochondriac, and the next time I have something imaginarily wrong with me I’ll find a fraud to treat me since legitimate medicine has nothing to say.

I wish I wasn’t so tired all the time these days. Honestly I feel like I can barely lift my legs as I’m climbing the stairs at the Skytrain Station at the end of the day; really glad that the job doesn’t involve much movement.

and hey the ERM is open source and CANADIAN woo hoo

Paul called last night asking to go for a walk and I just cracked up. Walked to Tim Horton’s yesterday morning with Jeff and then walked for half an hour at lunch and there’s about a k and half of walking for the transit, to and from, so yeah, I laughed. I literally rose from that conversation and went to bed.


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