I sure hope I get to see my grandson this weekend, I’m losing my equilibrium.

Made a girl his age in a stroller smile yesterday. Dogs and kids hate my sunglasses so I lifted them up, smiling, and put them back on, frowning, and after the third iteration she cracked up. I’m getting my kid fu back Ah reckon.

Flying solo at work. It was really hard, and it’s a fucking typhoon of paper, and there’s always the feeling I’m missing something or getting it wrong.

Bosslady came in like a dwarf in a D&D game, carrying a shitpile of stuff, dispensed wisdom and gossip like the frickin’ bawwwwsssss she is and took off again. Absolutely stunner, that one.

I’ve spent the last five years being sad and angry about what happened when I lost my last ‘good job’. Capitalism, the economy and the complete fucking stupidity of everybody I ever worked with not helping me when I approached them directly looking for work.

Let’s just say that there has been a lot going on in the background that I haven’t been talking about in my blog. Anyway, FINALLY an acquaintance came through. It’s work I can do and I passionately believe in the mission, so there’s not much more I can ask.

And the commute’s tolerable; I very very rarely have to stand, and if I must stand it’s for a ten minute bus ride, not an hour of agony as I get slung all over Marine Drive with a bunch of fuckwits who marinaded in Axe before taking the bus.