I lurv it when a plan

So last night because I am an entitled jerk I invited myself to Tom and Peggy’s and Cindy came and we ate dinner and sang and played until TEN OCLOCK which is a sign that it’s not a work night.

Tapioca Song

When I Go – we went through it about three times

I’ll Fly Away

Change the Key Again

Mary Ellen Carter

love theme from When I am Dead OF COURSE

Lily’s Lullaby (I cried, Cindy YOU IZ A BASTID)

Emerald Green

there were others but the filkers reading this will get the picture.

Peggy made me a wonderful wonderful spice cake with cream cheese frosting and pecans all over it. Also chicken breast and salad and squash and potatoes (and the woman makes such amazing oven roasted potatoes.)

WHILE WE WERE THERE Juliana emailed Cindy about Conflikt, which is hilarious since part of me going over there to scange a meal was to agitate for everyone to go to Conflikt.

Best birthday week in a while. Did I mention that on Wednesday I had the single best commute so far? Waited for the bus for five minutes; got on the bus, transferred without a wait at New West Station, transferred without a wait at Lougheed, transferred without a wait to the bus at Moody Centre. Including all the walking it was 45 minutes.

Today Peggy and I are going to go to Lunch Bunch and then there’s a drop in fitness class afterward. Busy me!



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