weekend of rellies

Last night Jeff and I were over at Mike’s… the VR set up sang its siren song and there was pizza.

Still working on the Love Theme from When I Am Dead. I’ll probably learn that I stole it from something, but the best part about being me is that I didn’t steal my temperament. My Scythian ancestors, Api bless them and give them nice tunics for feast days, might hoist one of their disgusting concoctions and nod, if they were ever sober enough to do that while they were in town.

Before that, Keith and I drove back from Victoria in our lovely rented 2018 Corolla which is a beeeeyootiful car and a complete fuckin’ gas hog – 20 bucks to go from Van to Vic and back? I don’t think the car was topped up when I left or and it’s a gas hog.

We saw Cuz Alyssa, Unca Barry, Auntie Jacquie, the parental units, Ontie Mary and of course Keith was there. He moved datura plants, tetris style. The difference between his description and mOm’s I will hold in my heart. (Style, not content.)

Ride back uneventful. this morning’s morning though is definitely the kingdom of daylight…. weather so beautiful and not right. This is November and we should be harboring gloom and sheltering night…





god it’s gorgeous out

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