worst day ever

Yesterday, an 11 hour day not counting the two hours in transit, was the most spectacularly bad day I have ever had at a job. It was busy, I lost my cool, I did stupid things, but I will endeavour to persevere and they can fire me on Thursday, when the new MOA starts, if they take a mind to. In the meantime I’ll keep plugging.

I’m not officially participating in Nanowrimo, the writing contest/encouragement/accountability event which gets people to write novels, but I am working on a destiel fic and I’ve started up on HOTM again so that’s good. Also I’ve managed to retcon my internal fanfic so it now all makes sense, what happened between Jesse and Slider BEFORE Jesse ran off to be a sex worker. It’ll be clunky as hell but real life unfortunately doesn’t come with a great soundtrack and bangin’ dialog…

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