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I went to an exercise class for old ladies today and feel pleasantly and pretty evenly tired. It’s the way exercise should be, about moving more easily through space

unless it’s about making yourself big, in which case it’s a dominance through steroids and self discipline kinda thing which is really kinda alienating to me, mostly because I simply don’t have the lack of worldliness that is at bottom the root of all manias to perfect one’s appearance in a range of unhealthy, artificial, expensive, potentially lethal and at times illicit, illegal and ill-advised ways.

Before that I went to the lunch bunch and was thrilled to see Jane, Laura, John, Denis, Dan, of course Peggy who took me and I keep thinking someone else was there – Irene.

Oh lucky us. We talked of shoes and ships etc.

The City of Burnaby, continuing the reign of fucking terror commenced by construction starting in the adjacent lot in May, was cutting and hauling away concrete today to level the sidewalk next door. Poor Buster. He thinks the noise has stopped, but it HAS NOT.


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