happy happy

I had a super busy day yesterday and am recuperating at the Aerie. The sunrise was so spectactular – a brilliant pink sunshower — like being visually submerged in a backdrop which was painted by Salvador Dali while high on acid and experimenting with previously unheard of pigments I really wish I hadn’t had to get so superlative … whatever anyway it’s all gone now, every last bit of it, into grey.

C’est la vie.

There was much of Alex, like a jack in the box boy, running running running, running with energy and freedom; learning to take turns in the face of his anxiety about lack of control; roaming through the exhibit and then finding favourites and rapid cycling through them. I was having too much fun with the exhibits and my eyes don’t move like they once did, picking kids out of shopping malls and cockroaches out of kitchens.

Let’s just say I can’t be alone with Alex in an environment like that.

Rewatched Annie Hall with a bunch of friends and realized why it’s a really fucked up but instructive movie but I’ll let go on that further and later. ALSO ate really good Chinese food. ALSO saunaed with friends; also ate popcorn; also had a successful side shop; also ate in the playroom of the Main and Terminal McDonalds which is a FUCKING WILD wild wild place. I never once felt at risk though, it was just like I don’t know, like the Cantina scene in Star Wars with many more children and far fewer intoxicants.

Many fat kisses to Katie and Alex for a lovely morning and the loudest fucking lunch I’ve survived in decades.