I was supposed to go out for dinner tonight but cried off.

Today I watched the Queen’s Speech YES SHE WENT TO THE TRIBALISM PLACE which for someone queen of mostly colonized countries that’s just fucking rich Lillibet. Also, the Queen was introduced by THE SCREECHIEST BOY CHOIR IN THE HISTORY OF ENGLAND honestly they were passing out helium.

We watched Die Hard and We’re No Angels, our standard Christmas fare, and ate leftovers and hot dogs.

Christmas morning 2018

I was up at 3am today
cause I can’t sleep for beans
we know the Timmy Ho’s is closed
so brO says coffee? hopefully
and I know what he means
We don’t have coffee every day
cause it should be a treat
he takes the turkey carcass out
and it’s cold outside
there’s a starry sky

and all I wish for you is what I wish for every one
something good to keep you busy
someplace warm when the day is done
We have told ourselves a story
When we tell it, it comes true
about a happy family
and in it there is me and you
We will tell the kids a story
when we tell it it comes true
though we don’t meet you who follow
we’ll be thinking about you