Thirty people

So what do you do when you’re in a social milieu and people are being pretty much continuously racist. I must have been red faced pretty much continuously.


Anyway, it is what it is and until I can unpack everything and look at it, I will probably stay quiet.

Yesterday, lunch bunch but no Osteofit due to a kid illness in the instructor’s family.

The soup was a success but Dennis wanted a little ham in his.

Had the pork and bean mix in a corn tortilla; it was nom.


Thirty people read my blog on a regular basis or did the last time I checked, which was since the web redesign. Years for sure. I don’t read my user stats; don’t even know where to find them and no that’s not a hint.

I don’t like changing things too often. Makes you look like you don’t know what options are and want all of them.

It’s good, being me. I hate it, a lot of the time, but that’s not my fault. I only started noticing the bad that held up all my good well after I turned fifty, and considering that I’d been pretty left wing on social issues and a complete wingnut on economic issues most of my life my lateness to the “it’s all stolen / misappropriated land” gala …. doesn’t startle me at all any more.  The racism inherent in the daily speech of my fellow candidates for a Canadian passport is daily harder to stomach and I’m going to be a FUCKING CRANK like my greeeeat g. back when and the idea just covers me in cold slime and leaves me in a dungeon.

I don’t want to be that person.

And yet, God gave me such a fucking mouth.


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